Free Live Webinars for Mid career Professionals...

How I achieved Career Growth, received Promotions & Salary Hikes 
Without  Resistance, Hindrance, or Budget Constraint   

(Using a  3 step Blueprint that worked for me and 18,000 professionals  
that I trained and become better leaders

It is a blueprint that works even if the HR 
thinks you to be less qualified !!! 

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26th Dec 2021, Saturday  7 PM 

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What you get in 90 minutes

  • Have decided to quit? How to make the notice period productive?
  • Problem with the boss? Make him/her your greatest supporter
  • No love left in married life?  Date each other again
  • ​Are you sidelined? Become the crown person again
  • ​..........  We help you to create your own solutions...

Why should you join this course

  • A customized solution package is crafted for you only
  • 15 Base problems are addressed 
  • Access to 50+ Stories of solutionsl still counting
  • ​15 weekly group classes 
  • ​Life-long support and access to the course
  • ​Personal consultation available for 15 weeks


What they say

A strategic Partnership Consultant by Profession, Sangeeta believes in leveraging the strength of every team member in a win-win manner to achieve more. That is how she empowers others

Rituparna Roy

She is working towards building a super performing Global Team; 

She loves to light a fire within anybody with a unique purpose, 


 teams up to see the possibility turn to reality.

Manas Shukla, Business partner

So far, she has brought out leadership capabilities in  more than 20,000 professionals across the country including me,

with Optimization principles 

that serve 

Jishu Chakraborty, UNDP

Meet your Host,  Ms. Sangeeta Naik
Hey,  I am Sangeeta!

I am a Leadership Growth Mentor on a Mission to help 100,000 Mid Career Professionals to get unstuck and feel fulfilled. 

 Till date, I have helped 18,000 people to become Trend-setters and Go-getters helping others to become like them or better.  

My Tools is Resourceful Influencing to gain Leadership Growth & become Irreplaceable

So far have impacted 1 Cr lives in 16 States across India. And counting!!

I am a Lifelong Learner

I am a creating a team of Super Performing Global Players

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