Free Live Webinars for Mid career Professionals...

How I achieved Career Growth, received Promotions & Salary Hikes 
Without resistance from Team, Boss, or Budget Constraint   

(Using a  3 step Blueprint that worked for me and 18,000 professionals  
that I trained and become better leaders

It is a blueprint that works even if the HR 
thinks you to be less qualified !!! 

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1st Dec 2021, Wednesday  7 PM 

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What you get in 90 minutes

  • Secret #1  :  A two step formula to build your  unique success story 
  • Secret #2  :  Sangeeta's 5 step system to craft your resilience
  • Secret #3  :  A three step system to implant influence on daily basis  
  • ​Secret #4  :  Life in perpetual  transition: Growing beyond the immediate need 

Message from Sangeeta

Little shifts can turn you Resourceful!!!  Become the person who can be super-effective...Earn the Success your deserve!  

Being efficient is a constant process in graduating to the next version of the self

Sangeeta teaches you to be a person of drive, passion, analytic ability, decision making, perseverance, resilience, and energy.  

You become a finisher and full-filled that, with a never ending winning streak. 


What they say

A strategic Partnership Consultant by Profession, Sangeeta believes in leveraging the strength of every team member in a win-win manner to achieve more. That is how she empowers others

Rituparna Roy

She is working towards building a super performing Global Team; 

She loves to light a fire within anybody with a unique purpose, 


 teams up to see the possibility turn to reality.

Manas Shukla, Business partner

So far, she has brought out leadership capabilities in  more than 20,000 professionals across the country including me,

with Optimization principles 

that serve 

Jishu Chakraborty, UNDP

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